About Us

"Crown of quality lasting for decades!"

K runa company was founded 20 years ago with a goal to produce and market high-quality products among which are different types of Turkish delight and jelly candy.
Since it was founded, our company is industry leader because we focus on the quality of the product. Our products have a distinct flavor and above all recognizable quality.

Our vision is constant product improvement and diversifying product offering with the goal of meeting client demands, and our mission is a constant improvement of our work. By this, we are guided to deliver premium quality product and to have a positive impact.
Our ultimate plan is to expand our product offering and by doing that get closer to our customers, additionally, we are working towards increasing the export, by focusing on new markets.

e are leading producers of jello candy and Turkish delights to retailers all over Serbia. We are making significant progress in the foreign market such as France and Canada.

Our Products

Wholesale of Turkish delight and Jelly candies.

We are in a position to meet all the requirements of even the most demanding clients in the agreed timeframe!

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